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asmaranightWhy we chose "Asmara Grande"

Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, is a great city. It is Africa’s hidden treasure with all its “Art deco” structures. . The name Asmara emanates from the noble deeds of four women. According to an unwritten history there were four brothers in Asmara, a small village, during its early establishment. These four brothers were not on good terms and were threatening to annihilate each other. It so happened that their wives were wise and used to meet secretly and vowed to bring their husbands into harmony. As the saying goes - a wife is a light to her house. Finally these four women succeeded in bringing about harmony and resolution. Thus Asmera was later named after their noble deeds. ‘Asmera” literally meaning “to come to terms: to bring about resolution".

 Whereas this story concerns the resolution of a conflict, the pledge of Asmara Grande is to resolve all your travel needs and leave you with a wonderful memory of your visit to Eritrea.